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Oneplus 10 Pro in the first test: Potential for 1st place?

Oneplus 10 Pro in the first test: Potential for 1st place?

Oneplus also presented the 10 Pro for the German market. Prices start again at 899 euros. Sales start on April 5th. We already had the new top smartphone in the first test.

Oneplus had already presented the new top smartphone 10 Pro for the Chinese market in January. Now, two and a half months later, the worldwide launch followed. The 10 Pro will of course also be available for the German market. The start of sales is April 5th, and the phone can be pre-ordered now.

Oneplus 10 Pro prices, versions and colors

Oneplus has remained true to itself when it comes to prices, nothing has changed here compared to the previous model:

  • Oneplus 10 Pro (8/128GB) Volcanic Black: 899 euros
  • Oneplus 10 Pro (12/ 256 GB) Volcanic Black and Emerald Forest: 999 euros

The 10 Pro follows in big footsteps, as the predecessor 9 Pro and the pre-predecessor 8 Pro are in first and second place on our leaderboard. In the first test you will find out how the new 10 Pro performs.

Oneplus 10 Pro frame
The upper frame is now sanded flat. On the side there is still the Oneplus-typical alert slider.

Velvety back, top workmanship, but one thing is missing

Oneplus has not only stayed true to the price, but also to the dimensions of the new flagship. The 10 Pro measures 163 × 74 × 9 millimeters and is only slightly heavier at 201 grams. With these proportions the phone feels very good in the hand.

After the glossy, finger-tapping back, Oneplus is back on the 10 Pro frosted glass switched. This has a very fine structure and feels velvety soft at. The aluminum frame can still be found Oneplus typical alert sliderwith which you can switch back and forth between ringing, vibration and silent.

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This is new flat top of the 10 per. stereo speakers is still available in combination via the earpiece. A downgrade is unfortunately the lack of certified water and dust protection according to IP68. Oneplus has saved that in the truest sense of the word, but still promises equivalent protection. Just without certification. In fact, the 10 Pro has corresponding rubber seals, for example in the SIM slot. However, if in doubt, we would not rely on this.

Oneplus 10 Pro Display
At 6.7 inches, the OLED is just as big as its predecessor. 120 Hz are still set. The fingerprint sensor is now ergonomically more favorable and the panel has a higher luminosity.

Oneplus 10 Pro with brighter OLED display

The front also houses an OLED display 6.7 inch diagonal and very fine resolution of 1440 x 3216 pixels. It is slightly curved towards the long sides and scores with narrow display edges. Oneplus relies on second-generation LTPO technology. So the screen can change the refresh rate depending on the content variable between 1 and 120 Hz Adjust to save energy. This is also used in the Always-on displaythe content with only 1Hz refresh rate, which benefits the battery.

The 10 Pro is coming for the first time two-stage color calibration used, whereby the OLED is adjusted at 100 and 500 candela brightness. What we can confirm: the 10 Pro delivers the more neutral white than the 9 Pro and has light weight crisper colors. Also the brightness of the OLED, Oneplus has something again raisedresulting in a bright environment better readability leads. Also new is the AI-based auto-brightness, which remembers the brightness preferences and regulates the panel accordingly.

We are thankful for them improved positioning of the optical fingerprint sensor, which is now slightly higher than on the 9 Pro and is therefore much easier to reach. a very brisk unlocking process he continues to deliver. Oneplus has increased the resolution of the front camera, which is now 32 megapixels. selfies get along with her above all more natural colors.

Oneplus 10 Pro camera
The Oneplus 10 Pro has a 48 MP main camera, a 50 MP ultra wide-angle camera and an 8 MP telephoto lens.

Camera quality of the Oneplus 10 Pro decreases slightly, despite Hasselblad cooperation

The redesigned camera back is the most noticeable design change. It consists of very more resilient pottery and is polished to a high gloss in a complex process. The important thing is not the appearance, but what comes out of it. Oneplus starts again with the 10 Pro three cameras with the same resolution as the 9 Pro. Also the Cooperation with premium camera manufacturer Hasselblad is given again. Just no longer exclusive. The sister brand Oppo also uses the cooperation for the Find X5 (Pro).

Camera equipment Oneplus 10 Pro

  • wide angle camera: 48 megapixels, f/1.8 OIS + EIS
  • Ultra Wide Angle Camera: 50 megapixels, f/2.2, 150 degree viewing angle
  • Tele optics: 8 megapixels, f/2.4, OIS + EIS
Oneplus 10 Pro vs 9 Pro WW 48MP
If you take photos with full resolution, the 10 Pro will give you a much softer image than its predecessor, the 9 Pro.

Some disappointed are we from the picture quality of the 10 per. Shots in bright light with the highest resolution are rather soft and lacking in detail with the wide angle. Very different from the 9 Pro, which performs significantly better here. If you switch to 12 MP, the 10 Pro will give you better photos that are almost on par with the predecessor.

The 10 Pro’s ultra-wide angle doesn’t quite match the quality of the 9 Pro’s full 50MP resolution either. Photos look downright crude in direct comparison, with less detailed drawing. There is also an improvement when switching to 12 MP, although the quality of the 9 Pro is not reached here either.

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Thanks to the cooperation with Hasselblad, Oneplus promises above all natural color reproduction, thanks to Hasselblad’s color calibration. As for the shots with the main camera, we agree. If you switch between wide and ultra wide angle, however, there is one color inconsistency. Here, the ultra-wide angle is tuned a little cooler than the main camera.

Oneplus may still be able to fix one or the other camera problem with an update, even if the smartphone has been on the market for more than two months.

Oneplus 10 Pro vs 9 Pro WW 12MP
If you switch to 12 MP, the Oneplus 10 Pro and 9 Pro are almost on par in terms of image details.

Comprehensive camera app with new RAW+ format

The Oneplus 10 Pro’s camera app has a slightly different design and is reminiscent of Oppo. The orange release button from Hasselblad is part of the party again. There is also three photo filters, developed by Hasselblad photographers. The offers interesting perspectives Xpan modein which you can take pictures in the elongated Hasselblad panorama format.

If you want to get more out of your photos, choose that Pro mode. Every lens is now available there, even for RAW images. With RAW+ you also get the AI-based noise reduction and increased dynamics through image aggregation to DNG format. A Video Pro mode is also on board, including a flat LOG profile.

We took a closer look at the Oneplus 10 Pro in the video and give you a first impression in our practical test.

Oneplus 10 Pro with strong high-end equipment including 80 watt charger

All inner values of the 10 Pro read for a top smartphone 2022 pretty complete. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with, in our case, 12 GB RAM is used as the drive – on Massive performance guaranteed. Especially since you can expand the RAM by up to 7 GB if there is enough memory available. The connectivity reads in full too, with 5G, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and Hi-Res Audio such as LDAC and aptX-HD. The USB port supports the fast 3.1 Gen 1 standard, including a display port for connecting a monitor.

Really strong is the superfixe loading option thanks 80 watts, whereby Oneplus includes the adapter in the scope of delivery. With it, the 10 Pro is within 32 minutes refueled. And that despite the larger 5,000 mAh battery. Powerful 50 watts are also possible wirelessly (47 minutes charging time).

Oneplus 10 Pro connectors
A USB-C port (3.1 standard) and the speaker can be found in the lower frame. It is charged with up to 80 watts.

Android 12 and many features on Oxygen OS

The 10 Pro is delivered with it Android 12. According to Oneplus, three system updates and 4 years of patch support should be included. However, a monthly rhythm is not planned. The Oxygen OS 12 user interface is and will remain preinstalled. She offers one Variety of customization options, in terms of system colors, app arrangement or icon size. We really liked the new shelf design, which looks more modern and tidier. Here you can see weather information, steps taken and have quick access to apps.

It is also practical new dark modewhich is now in three different intensity levels can be adjusted. If you don’t want to be distracted by incoming messages, you can now use the work mode to disposal. It is used to determine which apps are allowed to send notifications in a certain period of time. The function can also be activated automatically depending on the WLAN or location.

Oneplus 10 Pro: First conclusion

The new Oneplus 10 Pro is and stays true to the line. Here is a top phone for – looking at the equipment – comparatively good price. We hope that Oneplus will get an even better grip on the camera quality with updates. In our laboratory test, we will take a closer look at them. In addition, IP protection is considered good manners in this price range.

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