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OnePlus improves update policy: up to five years of phone support (update)

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Good news: OnePlus is improving its update policy. ‘Selected models’ that appear from 2023 will receive four new Android versions and security patches for five years.

Update November 30, 14.21:

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All smartphone brands that fall under BBK Electronics would adopt this update policy for their flagships. In addition to OnePlus, this also concerns Oppo and Vivo (which is currently not active in the Netherlands).

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Update policy OnePlus overhauled: you need to know this

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Do you think it’s important that a smartphone lasts a long time? Then good software support is essential. OnePlus announced at its own event that it is improving its update policy. From 2023, the company will provide “selected models” with four new Android versions. In addition, you can count on five years of security patches, which should keep hackers out.

OnePlus does not yet say which smartphones it is about. We can guess: probably only high-end devices like the OnePlus 11 will benefit from the new update policy. That phone probably runs on Android 13 out of the box and will therefore also receive Android 14 to 17 in the future.

OnePlus 10T review
Unfortunately, the OnePlus 10T falls by the wayside
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Note: it really only concerns smartphones that will be on the market from 2023. Current top models such as the OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus 10T are unfortunately not included. As promised last year, they will receive three new Android versions and four years of security patches.

The company does not say a word about cheaper smartphones such as the OnePlus Nord 2T. We therefore assume that the update policy for these models will not change. That would mean that the OnePlus Nord 3, which will probably be released next year, will also only receive two new Android versions and three years of security updates. The cheapest phones, such as the OnePlus Nord CE 3, are likely to get stuck with one Android upgrade and two years of security patches.

More and more manufacturers offer long-term support

Android manufacturers are providing extended support for their smartphones. Samsung also provides its more expensive phones with four new Android versions and security patches for five years. Google itself is doing almost as well with three major upgrades and also five years of security updates.

Other companies are also improving their policies, but major differences remain. Are you curious how long the device of your choice will be supported? Then check out our overview in which we compare the update policies of Android manufacturers!

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