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Peaq Evolution PNB V140V-7T600D & PNB V140V-5T812D Review | Tech Reviews

Peaq evolution PNB V140V-7t600d & PNB V140V-5t812d in review | Tech Reviews

Lightweight and powerful: Peaq Evolution PNB V140V-7T600D & PNB V140V-5T812D
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The two notebooks from Peaq’s Evolution series are the technical twins. The two are therefore indistinguishable at first on the noble, just 15 millimeter flat housing made of light and high-strength magnesium. Not even in terms of the operating time, which Peaq specifies as 8.5 hours, of which a good 7 to 8 could be achieved in practice, depending on the setting for performance and display brightness. Thanks to the quick charge function, there is enough juice available for the rest of the day even after a short intermediate charge – for example, to watch a film in Full HD or to play a little. The picture experience is complemented by THX pimped sound – of course within the scope of what is feasible in terms of volume in a notebook.

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And anyone who has been used to a glossy display will need a little getting used to the matte 16:10 displays that Peaq uses in the Evos. It’s a matter of taste and area of ​​use whether you prefer the felt higher brilliance of glossy displays or the lower reflections of matte displays. In the practical test, the displays did not appear dull in the sense of lacking in color or washed out – maybe the German language is missing the right word. English-speaking countries use “frosted” here, which literally sounds cooler than “matt”.

A Thunderbolt 4 port, a USB-C, an HDMI and two USB-A ports ensure sufficient connectivity. It’s wireless with Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2

Putting the notebooks into operation can be considered foolproof. After a few minutes for reloading the Windows updates, you can get started – if you wish, your own can protect you from prying eyes, since the notebooks can be unlocked using face recognition, which worked reliably in the test.

PNB V140V-5T812D vs. PNB V140V-7T600D: Technical differences

Technically, the two then go their separate ways: The Evolution PNB V140V-5T812D, which costs 1,100 euros, runs on an Intel i5-1135G7 processor, supported by 8 GB RAM and a 512 GB hard drive. Our lab describes the technical equipment objectively and soberly as follows: “It’s easily enough for all everyday tasks (office, video, simple gaming), for more demanding graphics applications, rather not, 512 GB SSD is quite decent, but less than 1 kg with 14 inches is something special.”

  • Peaq Evolution PNB V140V-5T812D at MediaMarkt

With the Evolution PNB V140V-7T600D, which is more expensive at 1,299 euros, an Intel i7-1165G7 processor in combination with 16 GB RAM and 1024 GB SSD handles even more demanding tasks and even gamers get their money’s worth. Here, too, the voice from the laboratory: “16 GB are standard from the upper middle class, 1024 GB (= 1 TB) are very commendable, more is still very rare even in the upper class.” If you need more memory, you can also dock up to a further 1024 GB on both models on the micro SD reader.

  • Peaq Evolution PNB V140V-7T600D at MediaMarkt
Test seal! very good for Peaq Evolution PNB V140V-7T600D & PNB V140V-5T812D
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Both notebooks are more than sufficient for typical daily applications, the price point is excellent, especially when looking at the scales. Usually, the prices for notebooks under a kilo with comparable technical equipment start at 1,500 euros at the time of research. If you can still add the 200 euros, you can secure yourself more technically with the larger model and also invest in the future – it will be your companion for a longer period of time.

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Price related review: Peaq Evolution PNB V140V-5T812D with Intel i5-1135G7

  • Processing: very good
  • Technical equipment: good
  • Value for money: good

Price related review: Peaq Evolution PNB V140V-7T600D with Intel i7-1165G7

  • Processing: very good
  • Technical equipment: very good
  • Price / offer: Very good

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