The Pixel Watch has been on the market for a few days. For its first smartwatch, Google has come up with a remarkable campaign to get the Pixel Watch into as many hands as possible. The US group could have gambled away with this.

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Bit by bit, Google is building up its ecosystem, narrowing the gap to its big rival Apple. An important piece of the puzzle that was missing until now: a smartwatch. With the Pixel Watch, the search engine provider has now launched its first own smartwatch. The price is steep at 379 euros, but Google has a trick up its sleeve.

eBay Classifieds is flooded with offers for the Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch is being dumped on eBay classifieds (Image Source: eBay Classifieds)
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Anyone who pre-orders the Pixel 7 Pro by today (October 17) will get the Pixel Watch for free. Such a pre-order campaign is rare. Buyers of a Pixel 7 Pro can massively lower the effective price of their new smartphone if they then sell the Pixel Watch.

This is exactly what is currently happening en masse, like a Look at eBay Classifieds reveals. The sales platform will Offers for the Pixel Watch almost inundated. Partly the Google Smartwatch offered for 255 euros – 120 euros cheaper than the RRP.

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Buyers and sellers should be happy. Some lower the effective price of their Pixel 7 Pro, others get the Pixel Watch at a really good price. Things are different at Google: Such a sales glut scratches the image of the smartwatch. If it stops, the Pixel Watch is in danger, already to become junk a few days after the start of sales.

Google Smartwatch could also be compatible with the iPhone in the future

So far, the Pixel Watch is only compatible with Android smartphones. If you own an iPhone, look into the tube. According to Google manager Rick Osterloh, that could change in the future. “Hopefully one day,” says Osterloh, the Google smartwatch should get along with iPhones. However, the manager did not allow himself to be elicited a concrete time frame as to when it could be.