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Pre-2020 Samsung Cell Phone Batteries Are Dangerously Swelling

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Samsung has begun to have problems with the batteries of its equipment launched before 2020.

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According to a series of youtubers Batteries in phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 have started to swell at a worryingly high rate.

What’s going on?

The youtuber Mrwhosetheboss (also known as Arun Rupesh Maini) and others have noted this process which in many cases can be subtle, but in others it is very obvious showing deformation on the rear end.

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In addition to the Fold, this problem has also been shown with the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy Note 8, and the Galaxy S10. Maini assures the equipment was stored correctly and that they did not suffer any alteration for the video.

This gave rise to other content creators showing their own equipment, corroborating the fact: the oldest cell phones with the problem are up to 7 years old, but others like the folding one are only 2 years old on the market.

Samsung has not responded

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The youtuber that originated this current indicates having talked with Samsung to inform you of the problem.

In early August, the South Korean company collected the devices to investigate the matter, but to date there is no official response.

Samsung has had a crisis due to similar problems, such as what happened with the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, which was suspended and canceled due to problems of excessive heat from its batteries.

Of course, the swelling of the battery is not a new problem or exclusive to Samsung. As lithium batteries age, their increasingly faulty chemical reactions can produce gas that inflates battery cells and increases the risk of fire. This is most likely to happen if you leave a battery without charging or discharging for a long time, and many companies recommend that you keep batteries at about 50% charge if you won’t be using a device for long periods of time.

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