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Proscenic WashVac F20 Review : A Lethal Weapon For Tiled Floors That Wants To Be The Best Value For Money Vacuum Cleaner | Tech Reviews

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Proscenic WashVac F20 Review : A Lethal Weapon For Tiled Floors That Wants To Be The Best Value For Money Vacuum Cleaner | Tech Reviews



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The segment of cordless mops and brooms continues to grow as an alternative for those looking for a cordless electronic solution for cleaning floors. We have already tested the Roborock Dyad , the versatile Kobold VK7 and this time it has gone throughour soilour analysis table the Proscenic WashVac F20 , a model that has the particularity of having an application. This has been our experience.

Technical sheet of the Proscenic WashVac F20

Power 150 watts
Noise 73 dB
Deposit Two tanks of 1 liter each
Autonomy 45 minutes
Functions Vacuum and scrub at the same time
Weight 5 kg
Measurements 25.4 x 27.94 x 114.3 cm
Price 399 euros


Bold design with a retro touch

Img 7396
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Compared to upright wireless vacuum cleaners that opt ​​for lightness and accessories to achieve cleaning versatility, if you want to vacuum and scrub you will have to go through handling much larger and less manageable models . In fact, its aesthetics are reminiscent of the original broom vacuum cleaners.

The body of the Proscenic WashVac F20 arrives practically assembled in the box , all that remains is to add the handle at the top and the battery, in a little hole that you will see in the back of the body.

Img 7413
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We are going to review its main elements from top to bottom. The handle is made of aluminum and has a plastic coated handle that stands out for its good grip and comfort in the hand . Compared to the rest of the vacuum cleaner, it is stylized. It is also there where we will find the three buttons for its management: the one that turns on the device, the one that allows you to toggle between the modes and above all, the one that is used to clean the brush. As a downside, on occasion we have inadvertently pressed buttons when changing the way we hold it, for example when you are doing a maneuver to reach an area that is difficult to access.

Just below the body begins, leaving a screen at the top where you can see what mode it is working in and the percentage of remaining battery. It also has a series of LEDs that light up depending on the operation, which makes handling intuitive and easy at first glance .

Img 7419

We continue down the body, this time through the front area, where we find the dirty water tank , with a capacity of one liter and translucent. There, not only the water from cleaning the brush accumulates, but also the dirt sucked in. The result is a blackish liquid that is rather unpleasant to look at and smell.

Img 7395

On the back we see the battery, which can be easily removed (ideal to be able to replace it tomorrow) and the clean water tank, also translucent and of identical capacity. Since this device always scrubs and vacuums at the same time , it is necessary that it always have water. And if it empties? You will receive a voice message and a notification on the screen, but it allows you to continue only vacuuming.

At the bottom is the central brush, made up of a roller similar to those used in painting and wheels that facilitate sliding. An interesting point is that to join the body and the brush there is a kind of hinge that allows the body to be tilted to make less effort when cleaning and also to keep it standing .

Img 7409

The good thing is that all you have to do is slide it along the floor and it goes almost alone, but when it comes to passing it through areas where you need to tilt your body, its weight takes its toll on ergonomics . However, it is true that the effort compared to a mop is significantly less (you do not need to put it in the bucket and wring it out) and that you also do two cleaning tasks in one.

Important: be very careful when tilting it more than 140 degrees , since the water in the tanks can spill. I attest to it.

In order not to leave the rollers wet on the ground, it has a fairly compact and discreet base with a charging pin where you can leave it in plain sight without fear of wetting the environment. Also, when you pick it up again, it will have a full battery for action.

How is the cleaning

As we have already explained above, the Proscenic WashVac F20 vacuums and scrubs at the same time and no, there is no possibility of configuring it to only do one of the two tasks , unless you choose to leave the water tank empty. It is true that in a usual scenario of cleaning the floor, in practice this allows us to save time, but there are other cases in which it is missing.

According to the manufacturer, its power is 150 watts and applied to suction it is not the most effective in the world . Here it is not so much the suction capacity that is to blame, but rather the shape of the brush: it is not a spiral made of rubber and/or with bristles, but rather it has a roller made of a fabric similar to a cloth. Yes, you will be able to remove the dust, some small crumbs, a good part of the hair, but if, for example, there is a ball of hair, it is highly likely that it will remain on the floor after passing over it.

Img 7426

As for cleaning modes, we find three:

  • The Smart that adjusts its operation (suction power and amount of water) depending on how dirty the floor is. As it does? Thanks to the infrared sensor integrated into the brush. It is the one we have used the most, since it allows us to optimize battery life and noise.
  • The Max , which takes its operation to the maximum at the cost of minimizing its autonomy. I have used it mainly in corners and areas that my robot vacuum cleaner does not usually pass through.
  • The liquid suction mode , which can be most interesting when we get home after walking in the rain or when the water from your pet’s drinker falls and we want to dry the floor. Even if you drop a glass of other drinks (yes, in the latter case I strongly recommend that you clean the roller afterwards). At first I tried this part with some skepticism, but I ended up cleaning up vegetable cream that had spilled on the floor without much problem.
  • As we will see in maintenance, there are two self- cleaning and disinfection functions 

Given that you have to vacuum and scrub at the same time, obviously this device is especially indicated for hard floors , for example tile, stoneware, stone, marble, very occasionally for wooden floors and not for textiles such as rugs or carpets .

What I liked the most is that in just over 10 minutes and without having to pay attention to cables or buckets, I have been able to vacuum and mop my entire house practically sliding the Proscenic WashVac F20.

This is less time than it would take to do both tasks separately and also, reaching places where the robot vacuum cleaner does not go. Still, considering how big the head is, you’re also not going to get into corners and crevices nearly as well as you would with the mop .

As the vacuum is not particularly exhaustive, in practice this is a very useful device for daily maintenance cleaning, but from time to time you will have to use the manual vacuum cleaner and mop .

A small but “thug” battery

Img 7411

According to the manufacturer, the maximum theoretical autonomy of the Proscenic WashVac F20 is 45 minutes and according to our experience, it is quite reliable. Taking into account that my apartment is about 55 square meters and that it takes me less than 10 minutes to vacuum it completely , the normal thing during my analysis has been to load it once a week.

In any case, the battery is plenty for domestic architecture , even if you had a 200-square-meter property. In addition, the “normal” thing is to use the smart mode, which jumps to maximum power mode sporadically and punctually, so its optimization is good.

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However, we have tried to vacuum the whole house with the MAX mode and in about 7 minutes we have used up 30% of the battery, so even if you had a very dirty floor of more than 100 square meters, you could vacuum it completely with a single charge.

But loading it is not a problem either. In fact, you have two options to do so: either placing it on the base and connecting the adapter to it or directly removing the battery and charging it. A surprising point is that despite being a large and moderately bulky device, its battery is small but bulky .

How is the application: good idea, regular execution

The most techy people in the place are likely to clap their hands every time an appliance takes the plunge and becomes connected as there is potential for them to increase their possibilities. Others, however, are more skeptical and wonder why and if it’s worth it .

The Proscenic WashVac F20 has an application – to download it, it is better to read the QR of the manual than to look for it in the respective app stores, since the brand has several applications that can be confusing – which is available for Android devices or iOS devices . Then and as usual, you will have to create an account. At this point, this is where my odyssey began .


A fairly common synchronization procedure between phone and device that is usually resolved successfully in less than five minutes, gave me problems . So much so that they automatically send you an email with possible causes when the pairing fails, one of them being the following:

“For IOS system mobile phone users:The system will automatically add a space at the end of the word to quickly enter the next word, so it is necessary to delete the space at the end.”

Between the fact that the translations can obviously be improved (which logically affects comprehension) and that I have an iPhone, in the end I ended up installing it on another Android phone. I got an error message but surprisingly then the message came out. Let’s hope that these incidents will be resolved in future updates , since it is not the users who have to worry about whether the system adds extra space.

What does the app offer? The most interesting thing is that you can schedule self-cleaning after each use, as well as data related to cleaning and error reporting.

In practice, the application is completely dispensable and there is no better proof than the fact of using it only to document this section. For your day to day, the LED screen of the vacuum cleaner shows you the battery level, cleaning modes or reminders.


Img 7406

In these weeks testing the Proscenic WashVac F20 the only thing I have had to worry about has been the water deposits . The good thing is that since they are translucent, you can see directly how full they are, although the voice messages notify you when it is time to empty or fill them.

The procedure is quite simple , since they have a tab that we will have to press to disintegrate it from the body and just pull it. From here, in the dirty water we will remove the part of the filter to overturn it (in the box it comes with a little brush so you can clean it more thoroughly) and in the clean water we will have to open a tab and put it under the tap to fill it up.

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The brush gives little work thanks to the self-cleaning function (although if you wish, it is easy to remove), which we recommend configuring from the application so that it happens automatically when we return it to the base. However, if we discard this option, we will have to be the ones who worry about hitting the button. From this moment, a procedure of a couple of minutes begins that includes sterilization by electrolyzed water, self-drying and self-cleaning (according to the manufacturer).

Both cleaning the brush and emptying the dirty water tank are two very important tasks to avoid bad smells , the result of mixing dirt and water and letting them rest.

Among the modes offered by the device is the “sterilization” mode, in which we will see a percentage that goes from 0 to 100% on the screen and that, according to the manual, ” produces a sterilizing solution .” We have not been able to verify it.

Proscenic WashVac F20, Fadvices opinion

Img 7414 2

Although broom-type upright vacuum cleaners continue to be the majority wireless format (not automated, where the convenience of robot vacuum cleaners reigns ), the segment of vacuum cleaners-scrubbers continues to grow .

It is true that they will inevitably not be able to compete with the versatility provided by dry vacuum cleaner accessories – which serve you the same way to clean the floor as the sofa or the car – but they do introduce the possibility of scrubbing. And not only that, the simultaneous vacuuming – scrubbing, that is, two tasks with one pass .

Who is this interesting for? For people with tiled floors and a moderately large house . This is how you keep your property clean in one go and in less time . And I say it maintains because we have already seen that it is still less thorough than the classic and simple mop and less effective than a regular vacuum cleaner.

Restricted to these needs, the Proscenic WashVac F20 performs quite well in this maintenance scenario both for power and autonomy . Its design, without being perfect, is generally good, standing out for its intuitive screen, its compact base and the fact that the battery is removable. As for the application, it may be a claim for techies , but better give it a spin first.

The cherry on top of this model has to do with its contextualization against price competition . 399 euros is not cheap, but it costs slightly less than the Roborock Dyad offering essentially the same thing and is noticeably more affordable than the Kobold VK7 accessory , although it is true that Vorwerk’s product is more complete and falls into a more premium segment .

Concluding, even with room for improvement, if you need a vacuum cleaner-scrubber, this Proscenic WashVac F20 shines in value for money .

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