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Report: Apple’s 14.1″ iPad will probably not become a “pro model”.

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There is also a major update for Apple’s entry-level iPad – including Type-C and 5G.

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Analyst Ross Young recently announced that Apple plans to launch a 14-inch iPad Pro in 2023. Now the analyst corrects his statement. A 14-inch iPad is still on the way, but it won’t be a “Pro” model. That would mean that it doesn’t have one Mini LED panel Liquid Retina XDR panel and neither 120Hz ProMotion should support.

“Surprisingly, we confirmed that the 14.1″ iPad will not have miniLEDs after all, just regular LEDs. We’ve also spoken to panel suppliers and they also say ProMotion is unlikely. So it probably won’t be an iPad Pro, just an iPad. Q1’23 still looks likely.”

Ross Young

In a follow-up, Young said that “both panel and LED suppliers” have confirmed the 14-inch size for the iPad. He explained that the prices for 10″ panels in 2022 will be similar to what they will be for 14″ in 2023. A mini LED panel would also have “raised the price a lot.”

New entry-level iPad with 5G and USB-C later this year

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Believe it or not, the next iteration of the iPad is already in its tenth generation, and it almost seems like Apple has big plans. Apple internally it should run under the code name “J272” and be the last tablet from Cupertino to be converted to Type-C.

Additionally, there are rumors that the entry-level iPad will get the Air’s Retina display this year. So the display would grow from 10.2 to 10.5″ or even 10.9″.

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Something also seems to be happening with the SoC. The A14-Bionic should be used in the 10th generation. The A13 is currently still at work in the cheapest iPad. The new SoC would also enable 5G support.

What there is currently no information about is the design. Apple needs to keep the price of the regular iPad as low as possible. It’s still one of the two main entry points into your own cosmos (the other being the iPhone SE). However, I doubt whether Apple will be able to get by with thick display edges for another year. Especially if the rumors about the new display should come true.

Apple is redesigning all iPads

In 2021, Apple rolled out a major overhaul for the iPad mini, giving both Pro models the M1 SoC. The iPad Air followed in 2022 with the M1 update.

The two iPad Pros should be back at the end of this year – this time with the M2 SoC, which Apple presented at WWDC 2022 and which will power the MacBook Air in the future. With the announced features of iPadOS 16, it could really be worth it. In any case, all iPads bring it much closer to a Mac than is currently the case.

Apple iPad Pro laptop monitor

However, Apple should pay a little more attention to the 11″ iPad Pro. The large 12.9″ Pro has a Liquid Retina XDR panel. The small Pro, on the other hand, only has the advantage over the current Air that it has Face ID and ProMotion.

Do you actually still use an iPad or do you now only say “smartphone and laptop – enough”? Let us know in the comments section.

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