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Review Tablet Nokia T20 | Tech Reviews

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review tablet nokia T20 | Tech reviews



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Something different happens with mid-range tablets than with phones of the same range. In phones, many of us want something cheap that takes good photos, has good performance or a screen that does not fade in sunlight, and in the end, that ends up being a bit difficult to find if we pay little.

But after years of using tablets, the mid-range ones make a lot more sense to me than the high-end ones thanks to how most people use these devices. You have to do a specific job, that is, check emails, enjoy a video, read a book or occasionally play a game are the most common uses and that is why HMD bets on the Nokia T20.

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Design and Hardware

Nokia has done a good job designing its tablet, looking very similar to the mid-range phones that HMD has released for the mid-range. The T20 is in a characteristic dark blue (Deep Ocean) color of Nokia, is constructed of aluminum and has curved edges and rounded corners that make it feel comfortable and firm in the hand. 

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It does not have the cheap look that cheap tablets usually offer and that is very good, it is also light, with only 465g of weight, so it is not a problem to hold it in the hand for a long time .

On the right and left sides are the stereo speakers , which are an important part of any tablet, but in this case they leave a bit to be desired since the sound is super flat and lacks bass, although its volume can be fairly tall. It is highly recommended to use headphones to view content and for this it has a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth 5.0.

Obviously we also have a button panel for the volume and power of the tablet. I would have loved if the power button had a fingerprint reader (as many mid-range devices do) and for biometric unlocking we can only use face unlock with the phone’s camera, which works 75% of the time. 

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The bad thing is the volume button, which does not change depending on the orientation of the tablet, so if we use it horizontally – as it is intended – the buttons will be upside down.

On the right side we can also find the USB-C port and on top is the microSD and nano SIM card tray, while on the back there is only the camera, which can be used to scan documents or show something through a video call, but obviously it does not stand out for its photographic quality and is only there in case we need it. By the way, the rear one is 8MP, while the front one is 5MP and is located at the top when using the tablet horizontally.


Due to the price of the tablet, many might expect a low performance screen, but the truth is that the panel of the T20 is another of its high points . It’s far from perfect, but it’s very good for the price and on a tablet intended for media use, this is essential.

The Nokia T20 has a 10.4-inch IPS LCD screen with a 1200 x 2000 resolution in a 5:3 aspect ratio, something a bit unusual for tablet screens, which usually occupy 3:2 or 4:3 aspects. Nokia says that the screen is 2K, but the truth is that it is a bit smaller and the apps are limited to transmitting in 1080p, although the higher resolution is appreciated when browsing the tablet.

The screen only goes to 60Hz and has an excellent level of brightness, reaching 400 nits in full sunlight, which is great but unfortunately fingerprints stick too easily and this complicates things a bit when using it in exteriors. This is the exact same problem that the latest iPad Air and iPad Mini suffer from, so I guess there’s not much to complain about.

The contrast and colors of the screen are decent, they won’t blow your mind but they are good for the price , and despite not having the wonders that high-end screens have, such as HDR support, high refresh rate or support for the P3 range of colors, it is a super competent panel.

Software and performance

The Nokia tablet features mid-range technical specifications and therefore we cannot expect outstanding performance. The processor used in the T20 is a 12nm Unisoc T610 , a chip that I have never seen before in the Android market (which usually opts for Qualcomm or MediaTek) but that, accompanied by 4GB of RAM, makes the tablet fulfill its purpose well. goal of offering a stable and balanced entertainment experience.

It should be noted that the GPU used is a Mali-G52 and for most of the occasional games that I have tried, such as Pokemon Unite or Thumper, the tablet performs stable, but if we want to use it for more powerful games, such as Genshin Impact, we will begin to notice drops in frames and some lag, a situation that also occurs occasionally when using several apps. But hey, nothing serious. 

As in all devices of the HMD brand, the Nokia T20 has an Android version without modifications and with practically no bloatware. In fact, the only pre-installed apps are Netflix and ExpressVPN, and these can be uninstalled without any problem.

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From the factory, the tablet comes with Android 11, a version that unfortunately does not have optimizations for the tablet format, so many sections of the user interface are stretched versions of what we already see on phones and the truth is that looks bad 

The good thing is that Nokia promises 2 years of software updates , and in theory, it should receive Android 12L, the new operating system adapted for tablets and folding.

For example, on the home screen, at the top we permanently have the “At a Glance” widget (which we can see on Google Pixels), and of course, on a phone that is held vertically it makes sense because the The space it occupies is not that much, but on a tablet that we occupy horizontally, the widget occupies a lot of screen space, without being able to use the blank space that remains on each side of the widget. Something similar happens with many other widgets, which do not fit well in the spacing of the horizontal format.

The good thing is that we have the Entertainment Space , a section located next to the home screen to replace the Google Feed and that will show us all the entertainment services and applications that we have installed, whether they are movies, series, games, books or music, and incidentally it will help us with recommendations in a similar way to Google TV. All of that in one place and for an entertainment-focused tablet, it’s super ideal and convenient.


The last great point in favor of the Nokia T20 is its 8,200 mAh battery, which gives plenty of autonomy for the whole day, even watching multimedia content for hours.

With the use that I have given to the tablet, that is, checking emails, watching some chapters and playing PS5 remotely, I have had to charge it every 4 or 5 days. It is also that the battery consumption at rest is minimal, which helps even more to get away from the charger.

Similarly, the tablet comes with a 15W USB-C charger in the box for when we need it and I would recommend charging it overnight as it takes a long time to get to 100%.

Is it worth it?

Tablets are devices with specific uses, some can be used to take notes, some to design and many others to view multimedia content, the latter being the main audience of the Nokia T20.

The T20 is a tablet that won’t drive anyone crazy because of its specs, but it fully does its job of offering excellent value for money on the whole. 

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If you are looking for an option that is ideal for entertainment, this is a tablet that does not disappoint at all since it has a nice design, a very good screen, enough power for day to day and an excellent entertainment center integrated in the Start, which thanks to a giant battery, makes us forget about the charger. But of course, if what you are looking for is power, using professional tools or better support for apps of all kinds, the entry-level iPad is still better.

The Nokia T20 can be purchased at a price of CLP $179,000 in Deep Ocean color, a price that seems reasonable thanks to the set and HMD’s promise to update it to Android 13.

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