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Revolution in Google: Maps returns to the neighborhood, mobile searches change completely and 3D reaches Shopping

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Google has so many products in circulation that it is almost impossible to keep track of all of them in real time, since the update windows differ between all of them. But sometimes Google hosts events where it brings together several of them to get everyone to step up. This is what has happened in Google Search On, and here we have the announcements that have been produced in it.

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Ads that have to do with improvements implemented by Google in its own search engine, the one that does not stop evolving, but now focused on searches from mobile phones. Google Maps also takes a step forward and improves its recommendations in addition to its augmented reality mode. And there is also room for Google Shopping that now goes to 3D.

Google Search, the heart of the company, changes completely on mobile

Busquedas Moviles

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We can start talking about the changes that Google introduces in its search engine, in the Google Search that we know simply and simply as Google. We are talking about a great change in terms of mobile searches and that is none other than the introduction of what Google calls ‘Multisearch’ or multisearch. And this is nothing more than a very important visual leap in order to find what we are looking for.

Google revolutionizes mobile searches with cards to make everything much more visual

The current lines of text from the company’s mobile search engine become picture cards, double-column layouts for some spaces, full images for others, and all of this automatically without us having to activate anything. In addition, Google allows you to ask the search engine questions that allow you to expand the context with suggestions.

The new search cards include all kinds of media content, not just static images. So we can prepare to start watching video and animations in them. Google’s new suggestions for mobile searches are presented as labels that we can add to narrow down the results, and all of this combined produces the biggest graphic jump in searches that Google has ever remembered. The company promises that this multi-search will be seen in Europe in 2023, and that for now it will be rolled out in the United States.

It is the turn of Maps and its new neighborhood search


The changes that Google announces for Maps, the best-known geolocation and mapping service on the planet, have to do with promoting the activities and businesses closest to us. Google Maps turns to our neighborhood, showing the popular content that is closest to what they call ‘Neighborhood Vibe’. Activities and nearby places selected thanks to the contributions of the users themselves in the form of reviews, and also with the help of artificial intelligence.

In addition to this, Google is preparing to add aerial and three-dimensional views of key sites of some cities. These are 3D models that will be indistinguishable from photographs and that will expand throughout the planet, covering more and more emblematic and important tourist sites. But this is not all. Maps will not only focus on the outdoors but also indoors.

Another change that Google announces for Maps is its ‘Immersive View’ or immersive view. Is about a kind of Google Street View but for interiors. Thus, Maps will allow us to anticipate what we are going to find in certain places even before visiting them in person. Again, it will start with selected cities and then expand.

Lastly, Google makes changes to live view, in the Live View of Google Maps. Now we can do searches on the views themselves so that we can navigate with the mobile in hand and locate nearby places thanks to augmented reality. Another deployment that will take place little by little and that will begin its journey in the United States during this 2022 to reach Europe in 2023.

Shopping: buy shoes in three dimensions


Last but not least, Google is announcing a major change to its online store ‘curating’ service. Its free and open e-commerce, Google Shopping, will welcome models of articles in three dimensions. No more seeing only photographs of the objects to buy, now we will have 3D models to see the product in a more detailed and exact way.

According to Google, this introduction of 3D models will begin with shoes and sneakers, and will start for the United States in the fourth quarter of this 2022 and then also be deployed in Europe. Shopping will show 360 degree animations and automatically that will be generated by artificial intelligence thanks to a few uploaded images of each product.

But that’s not all because Google is also going to include purchase recommendations directly from some stores, something indicated for specific products and that will allow the purchase process to take place entirely in Google Shopping without entering the website of the store that offers it. And we will also have dynamic filters that will adapt to the products, such as sizes and colors in the case of clothing that Google will automatically generate.

All this and some other surprises (like Finding places from Google Lens photos) is what was announced in the Google Search On that took place today. More than important advances in terms of mobile searches, a great leap in terms of Google Maps and a more intuitive, visual and complete purchasing system for Shopping. Everything will be deployed first in the United States to reach Europe in 2023.

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