Samsung is known for developing new technologies and often looks for well-known partners. In this case, it’s Intel and it’s about the future of tablets. The technology behind it could be used in many other devices such as smartphones.

Samsung and Intel are developing extendable tablets

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Samsung announced years ago that the company was working on extendable displays and even published a video in which such a cell phone was shown, at least in animated form. But now Samsung and Intel have demonstrated a real device in which a 13-inch display can be extended to a 17-inch one. Intel published a short video about this on Twitter:

The advantage of this technology is that a 13-inch tablet can still be used fully when it is closed. This does not work with Samsung foldable phones. You always have to make compromises there and with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 you have neither a fully-fledged smartphone nor tablet. With an extendable display, you have a 13-inch tablet and can easily enlarge it if you need more real estate. However, it remains very flat and there is no visible notch in the screen. So the rolling mechanism works quite well.

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Samsung is already securing names for new devices

We only recently found out that a final product from Samsung isn’t that far away. With “Slidable Flex Solo” and “Slidable Flex Duet”, Samsung has already secured two names that refer to such products. According to this, Samsung is not planning just one device, which can be pulled out of the housing on one side, as can be seen in the video, but on both. Presumably, Samsung is only concentrating on one device, as was the case with folding cell phones at the time.