Two to three years, then it’s over. Android smartphones usually do not receive software updates for a long time. Samsung is currently proving that there is another way. The manufacturer is currently distributing an update for a seven-year-old Galaxy cell phone.

Samsung has made a remarkable shift when it comes to software updates. Nothing is left of the update dawdling of the past. The South Koreans provide their smartphones with software updates quickly and for the longest time. Not even Google can keep up here. Another example of the transformation from Saul to Paul is the Galaxy S5 Neo.

Samsung provides seven-year-old Galaxy S5 Neo with a new software update

The Samsung smartphone went on sale seven years ago and has long since reached the end of its lifetime. Still, Samsung supplies that Galaxy S5 Neo now with a new update. That carries the firmware G903FXXU2BVG3 and fixes a bug that affects the GPS reception of the smartphone has (source: Galaxy Club).

Last week, Samsung rolled out a GPS fix for the Galaxy S7, Galaxy Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

If you still use the Galaxy S5 Neo and are hoping for a new Android version with the update, you will be disappointed. Samsung leaves the smartphone with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Alpha could also get GPS bug fixes, according to the Galaxy Club. The latter was introduced in 2014 and is therefore already eight years old.

Samsung is an example for the entire industry

All manufacturers of Android smartphones can take Samsung as an example! With such ancient cell phones, it would be easy to sit back and leave the few remaining owners alone with the GPS problem. Instead, the industry leader invests time and money and rolls out an update for the Galaxy smartphones – chapeau!