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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review At A Concert

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review At A Concert

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review At A Concert

Today I am going to tell you about my experience with Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. His letter of introduction is located in the cameras that have exceeded my expectations, especially with shots in scenes with little light and at night, and with a big star: the zoom.

He Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra It has many attractive features, but without a doubt what will attract the most attention are the cameras and its powerful performance in different scenarios: a powerful 200MP main camera, a wide angle of 12MP and two telephoto lenses, each of 10MP. If you are a lover of selfies, the 12 MP front camera is not far behind.

The cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra shine at night

If there is a scenario where phone cameras suffer, it is at night and in places with low light. Samsung changes the rules of the game and introduces “Nightography”, a new function so you can take the best photos at night or in low light, thanks to its powerful Artificial Intelligence.

For this occasion I decided to put the phone’s cameras to the test in an extreme situation: a concert that is at night, with little light and artificial lights. I was really surprised to see incredible results not only with the photos, but also with the videos.

The results were bright, vivid colors with more than acceptable detail. | 

When we go to a concert we want to have the best memories. However, many times the result is a not-so-sharp, noisy, or blown-out photo if any stage light hits the phone’s camera. None of this happened testing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The results were a delight to my eyes: bright, vivid colors with more than acceptable detail. He was able to capture every element of the stage: the singers, the instruments and the light effects. I can’t complain, the photos are worth sharing in my social networks.

An incredible zoom that gives you the feeling of being close to the artist

I must confess that I was not in the first row at the concert… nor in the second, nor in the third. I was far behind, but that didn’t stop my friends from believing that I was ahead. I tested both camera telephoto lenses of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the results are obvious: there is no noise in the photos or color distortion. Quite the opposite: high beam control is pretty good.

The video at the concert was the real surprise

With only the photos I was not going to stay. I needed to test how the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra record video. Yes ok the phone can record up to 8K 24fpsI tried the 4K 60fps and what a surprise I got.

Excellent color balance, a lot of sharpness and the little light from the concert enters acceptably. There is no doubt that the video of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has improved a lot. work in stabilization It is also very good even when I have applied the zoom to 10x. It really gave me that feeling of being very close to the stage without losing any detail and, above all, without showing a lot of noise in the final result.

The experience of testing the Galaxy S23 Ultra cameras at a concert where performance can be pushed to the max was more than acceptable. I dare say this may be one of the best cameras of the year for an Android phone if not the best.

The 200 megapixels are wonderful and the zoom gives unique results. | 

And if the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera behaves in this way at night or in low light, there is no doubt that during the day the photographic results are first class. with realistic images, sharp and full of details and bright colors. The 200 megapixels are wonderful and the zoom gives results that allow us to say that Samsung is still the king in this category.

A great result is always achieved with good teamwork, and together with these cameras, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra features a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor manufactured exclusively “for Galaxy” accompanied by 8GB and 12GB of RAM and internal memory of 256GB, 512GB and up to 1TB. The videos you record can be enjoyed in a large 6.8-inch AMOLED screen.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra brings 5000 mAh and can last just over a whole day. 

And I can’t forget about the battery that brings 5000 mAh and that can last little more than a whole day. During the concert I didn’t need to see how much battery I had left because despite having recorded in 4K —and we all know that recording in 4K consumes a lot of battery— I had battery life for a while.

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra It can be a great ally if you want to keep memories of a trip, day to day and even a concert. The Galaxy S23 series comes in four nature-inspired matte shades: Phantom Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender. My favorite is the Green.

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