Samsung not only distributes the monthly security updates for its Galaxy smartphones very quickly, but also wants to accelerate the rollout of major upgrades. According to the latest information, Android 13 should appear much earlier than Android 12 last year.

Samsung phones will get Android 13 from October

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Last year, Samsung started rolling out Android 12 in November. That was earlier than the year before. This year, Samsung wants to make improvements again. Already in The final version of Android 13 with One UI 5.0 is expected in October. The beta test is scheduled to start in the 3rd week of July (source: SamMobile). The test period is scheduled for a few weeks. Several beta versions are expected in which you can try out the new operating system with the changes and report bugs.

Samsung was able to start adapting smartphones to Android 13 earlier because Google was also much earlier this year. If Google makes the basis available early, then the manufacturers can also follow suit – at least those who want to make their Android updates available quickly. Samsung is currently one of the fastest companies, which also distribute very long updates. Newer smartphones and tablets are kept up to date for five years.

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Samsung has not officially confirmed the dates yet. However, SamMobile is considered a very reliable source. Among the first smartphones that are expected to receive the update to Android 13 the Galaxy S22 models, the current folding cell phones and probably also the new Galaxy Tab S8 tablets. Due to the beta version that will start shortly, we will soon find out the specific models.

Samsung will initially supply the new Galaxy S22 smartphones with Android 13:

Good update policy makes Samsung phones more attractive

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While many smartphone manufacturers in the Android sector find it difficult to issue an update guarantee, Samsung is even better than Google itself. The Android developers support Pixel phones “only” for three new Android versions and five years of security updates. Samsung distributes four new Android versions and five years of security updates. And not only for top smartphones, but also, for example, for the mid-range phone Galaxy A53 (test).