samsung proves once again that the South Korean company takes the update policy for its Android smartphones really seriously. Many smartphones are brought up to date with the new software update.

Samsung is supplying the first cell phones with the July update

Update from July 09, 2022: After the Galaxy A32, other Samsung phones will be supplied with the July update:

Other smartphones are likely to follow quickly.

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The new month has only just begun, and Samsung is already making certain smartphone owners happy. Samsung is the first smartphone manufacturer in the world to offer this Galaxy A32 July update available for download. The mid-range cell phone is now being updated. First, the distribution begins in one country, namely South Korea (source: XDA). Other countries are likely to follow in the coming days, including Germany. It is important that the July update is ready and can be distributed immediately.

As with almost every security patch from Samsung, not much is revealed about what is changed with the software update, which is over 1 GB in size. It only mentions that the Improved security and stability of the smartphone will. Only in the coming days will it become clear whether Samsung has integrated even more. For example, new camera features were integrated in the June update, but these were only discovered later. New features could therefore have been integrated, but do not have to be. As usual, Samsung has kept silent.

Other Samsung smartphones will follow soon

Once the ball has been set in motion, there is no stopping it. This also applies to software updates from Samsung. The Galaxy A32 is now the first mobile phone to be supplied with the new software, but it many other models will soon follow. However, it is gratifying to see that Samsung does not always start with new models that cost a lot of money, but for a change also with the middle class, which is even more widespread. Nevertheless, smartphones like the Galaxy S22 will of course also be supplied with it in the coming days.