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Samsung The Premiere: Luxury 4K Short-Throw Projector

samsung the premiere: Luxury 4K Short-Throw Projector | Tech Reviews

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Short-throw projectors are still a certain rarity on the market. Samsung now wants to change that with its high-end projector “The Premiere” and make it suitable for home cinema.

Another “lifestyle TV” was presented during the Samsung “Life Unstoppable” event , “The Premiere”. Samsung’s The Serif , The Frame , The Sero , and The Terrace also fall into this category . “The Premiere”, on the other hand, is a smart projector that is intended to enrich your living room.

Usual high Samsung level

According to Samsung, “The Premiere” should have up to 2800 ANSI lumens and support HDR10+. Unlike conventional projectors, however, the image size of a short-distance projector cannot be adjusted variably. That’s why there will be two models: The LSP7T displays a screen diagonal of up to 120 inches, the LSP9T even manages up to 130 inches and a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. Both devices have a triple laser as a light source and should therefore enable particularly sharp and colorful image outputs.

Colors as requested by the director

“The Premiere” is the first projector from Samsung to have the so-called ” Filmmaker mode “. There, the color display should be calibrated so that it is intended by the director. In addition, any post-processing of the TV is deactivated. In this way, the viewer gets to see exactly the picture that the medium (Netflix, YouTube, BluRay, etc.) is displaying.

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Another strength of short-distance projectors is that they can be positioned close to a wall and are – depending on the image size – just 10 – 30 centimeters away from the wall. This eliminates the annoying room planning that is necessary with conventional projectors.

Living room friendly design

So that the device does not unnecessarily attract attention in the living room, Samsung has equipped the front with a fabric cover. Like the Google Home devices, they should blend into the room furnishings and not be particularly noticeable.

Samsung has also given both models their own sound system. The LSP9 has a 4.2 channel sound system with two subwoofers and a tweeter. The total power should be 40 watts here. The “smaller” LSP7T model has a 2.2-channel configuration with a total output of 30 watts.

The operating system used here is Tizen, which is also used in Samsung Smart TVs. This means that various streaming services will be preinstalled ex works.

A matter of money

Of course, this all sounds very promising. However, such a high-quality device remains a question of money. However, Samsung has not yet given any information on the price. Samsung is also largely silent on the release date. “The Premiere” is scheduled to be released later this year. So it stands to reason that we will see it in stores for the Christmas season.

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