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‘Samsung will release less affordable Galaxy A devices in 2024’

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Samsung may cut its range of midrange smartphones. According to a new rumor, fewer Galaxy A devices will be released from 2024. These phones remain.

Samsung shrinks Galaxy A line

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In Samsung’s Galaxy A line, we have been finding smartphones with an excellent price-quality ratio for years. They are intended for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on real high-end phones, but want a smooth and reliable device.

The only ‘problem’: there are many different models and they are quite similar. The manufacturer seems to think so too. According to the Korean website The Elec Samsung is going to cut the number of Galaxy A devices. Only three would appear next year: the Galaxy A15, Galaxy A35 and the Galaxy A55.

samsung galaxy a23 officieel
Samsung Galaxy A23
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The Samsung Galaxy A24, which we expect soon, would therefore not receive a successor. The intended top model for this year, the Galaxy A74, was previously canceled according to a rumour. The cheapest device in the series is the Galaxy A04s. Whether there will be a new version of this is uncertain.

It has a number of advantages for Samsung to release fewer smartphones. It saves development costs and, moreover, fewer different phones need to be provided with security updates. The company probably thinks it can serve the entire midrange market with three smartphones. It keeps the lineup from Samsung also clearly arranged.

These Galaxy A devices are coming

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At least four Galaxy A devices will probably appear this year. The Galaxy A14 has already been announced and will appear in the Netherlands in mid-March. Soon it will be the turn of the Galaxy A24. We may not have to wait long for the Samsung Galaxy A34 either.

We expect the showpiece of the series, the Samsung Galaxy A54, in the spring. Many specifications of that device have already been leaked. The new processor promises to be a lot faster. At 6.4 inches, the screen would be slightly smaller than that of the Galaxy A53.

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