E-cars have been extremely popular for months. Accordingly, the delivery periods for many models and manufacturers are long. The prices are also climbing, because it is far from being possible to meet the entire demand. At Skoda, customers have to have a lot of patience.

Skoda dealers are sounding the alarm: New e-cars not before 2024

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As with many manufacturers, electric cars from Skoda are currently difficult to obtain. The situation is unlikely to change any time soon. Dealer circles say that Skoda already sold out for 2023 be. “Anyone who orders an e-car from Skoda today must expect a delivery date in the middle of 2024,” says Thomas Peckruhn, Chairman of the Skoda Dealer Association (source: t-online).

The Skoda dealers see themselves in trouble: Tight order quotas from the manufacturer would ensure that some already have to use their quotas for 2023. For which the production and Delivery periods even only in the second half of 2024 lie.

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Skoda, on the other hand, still sees chances that customers will also receive an electric car they have currently ordered in 2023. How fast it goes also depends on the quantity that the dealers order. Those who order more vehicles will also be supplied earlier.

However, there is another problem for the dealers: They can already use parts of the 2023 contingent that Skoda is providing them with this year ordered fewer e-cars next year will. You would then have to attack the order quotas for 2024 in 2023 – and things could go on like this.

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In the worst case, the tense delivery situation is simply postponed from one year to the next. Customers would have to be prepared for that delivery times will remain high in the medium term.

VW prefers other brands in the chip crisis

The long waiting time is not only due to the high demand: VW has been pursuing the strategy of distributing scarce resources such as microchips within the group for some time now. Included expensive models have priority, because higher margins are achieved with high purchase prices. Premium brands such as Porsche and Audi therefore receive more parts than Skoda or Seat, which call for lower purchase prices.

So far, Skoda has offered a purely electric model that was specially designed for the electric drive: the Enyaq iV, also available as a coupé version. The small Citigo e iV has already been discontinued. More models will be added in the coming years.