In addition to many new characters, 20 brand new emojis have also made it into the Unicode standard. A shaking face, several plants and also some animals are ready. A defensive hand in many skin tones is also included.

Unicode 15.0 with 20 new emojis

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Unicode 15.0 is officially out and brings a whopping 4,489 new characters to our phones and computers. For daily use, the 20 new emojis be of interest. In total, users now have a choice of 3,664 Unicode-recommended emojis.

Hearts in pink, light blue and gray finishes have been added to the standard, as has a shaking face. A hand in a defensive stance – to the left and to the right – has been implemented in six skin tones. There are more to come various plants and animals, like a donkey, a goose and a jellyfish. Two musical instruments, a comb and a fan also made it into Unicode 15.0.

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This is what the new emojis look like. (Image source: Emojipedia)

There have been no changes compared to the draft for Unicode 15.0, which was presented at World Emoji Day in mid-July 2022. As always, suggestions for new emojis were not only made by the consortium, but also submitted by users (Source: Emojipedia).

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Since Apple, Google and Microsoft, among other companies, are voting members of the non-profit standardization organization, it can be assumed that the new symbols will be widely used.

When will the new emojis be available?

The new emojis have only now been included in the Unicode standard. That doesn’t mean they’re available on all phones and computers from now on. It is ultimately up to the manufacturers when the updates are distributed. That should towards the end of 2022, but in some cases not until spring 2023. New emojis have recently arrived earlier on Android than on Apple’s iOS.