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Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone are already testing holographic calls

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After calls and video calls, the main European operators are already toying with the idea of holographic calls. To test the waters, Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom have participated in a proof of concept leveraging Matsuko’s technology.

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This initial proof of concept enabled a holographic “one-to-many” call to be made, so that the audience could see a virtual person, like a hologram with a realism and smoothness of movements that would not have been possible without the latest advances in 5G and distributed networks.

Holographic video calls, closer

The main European telecoms have participated in a pilot program to try holographic calls with the technology of Matsuko, a technology focused on making Star Wars holograms come true. Something similar has been what has been tested in this use case.

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Using a smartphone camera to capture a 2D video of the person, the video stream is processed in the cloud to turn it into a 3D hologram which can be broadcast to viewers, automatically cropping the background, and with clarity and sharpness never before possible.

This technology implies that the sender (who will be the hologram) does not need any additional hardware, although it is necessary for those who are going to see the hologram in viewing mode. VR (Virtual Reality) like AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality)although it can also be seen on a smartphone without glasses or special headphones.

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This pilot test takes advantage of the advantages of 5G such as high speed, bandwidth and low latency to provide an unprecedented image and smoothness of movements, and has offered “encouraging” results although the parties will continue to improve the underlying technology to improve the quality of service before evaluating the potential of this type of communication.

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