Are you looking for a free credit card without ifs and buts? We looked at 7 of the most well-known free credit cards, compared them with each other and summarized the most important information for you at a glance.

Free credit card: The 7 most popular cards in comparison

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Probably the biggest advantage of a Credit card is that – in contrast to the normal EC card – your account is not debited immediately. The sales are collected and usually debited from the account on a previously defined date, the payment target. Installment payments are also possible by gradually paying off the credit card, which can usually be requested and/or set via the app or online banking. It should be noted, however, that interest is due on the unbalanced amount. Some credit cards also offer bonus benefits, such as free travel insurance or cashback campaigns. It can also be really useful, especially on vacation, as some of the cards free cash withdrawals offer around the world and no foreign currency fees taken.

Many checking accounts already include credit cards or offer them as an additional option. There are also external banks that also offer credit cards. There is often a monthly or annual basic fee for using a credit card, but there are also some for free – in our overview we limit ourselves to offers without basic fees. Of course, interest is still due here, our term “free” refers to the fact that these do not include any basic fees.

Table of Contents
  1. 1.Free credit card: The 7 most popular cards in comparison
  2. 2.Free credit cards at a glance
  3. 2.1.Barclays Visa credit card
  4. 2.2.Hanseatic Brilliant Card
  5. 2.3.Germany credit card
  6. 2.4.Amex Blue American Express credit card
  7. 2.5.DKB Visa credit card
  8. 2.6.Klarna
  9. 2.7.Consors Finanz Mastercard credit card
  10. 3.The best free credit cards are from Visa

Free credit cards at a glance

Barclays credit card Hanseatic credit card Germany credit card Amex Blue credit card DKB credit card Klarna credit card Consors financial credit card
payment system Visas Visas Visas American Express Visas Visas Mastercard
Can you use your own checking account? Yes Yes Yes Yes no Yes Yes
start credits, Initial balance no no no 45 euros no no 75 euros
line of credit €10,000 €10,000 from €2,500 creditworthiness dependent €15,000 creditworthiness dependent €5,000
Withdraw cash domestically for free Yes Yes Yes no Yes no Yes (from 300 euros)
Withdraw cash abroad for free Yes Yes Yes no Yes no Yes (from 300 euros)
Foreign Currency Fees no no no Yes no no no
Pay contactless Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Pay Yes Yes Yes no Yes Yes Yes
Apple Pay Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
cashback program no Yes Yes Yes Yes no no

Barclays Visa credit card

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The Visa card from Barclays, formerly Barclaycard, is an all-rounder among free credit cards. You don’t pay a basic fee here permanently. Billing is done via your existing checking account, which you can easily link to the card. You can also use the Barclays Visa to pay and withdraw cash worldwide for free. The only catch is that you have to withdraw at least 50 euros, since there are no fees for this, this is negligible in our eyes. Also contactless payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay works fine.

Conclusion: The Barclays Visa is particularly worthwhile if you travel a lot, as you can withdraw money and pay with the card worldwide free of charge. Since there are no other additional fees, we can recommend the Barclaycard without reservation.

Hanseatic Brilliant Card

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Also the Hanseatic Bank Visa credit card is permanently free. With the Genial Card from Hanseatic it is possible to withdraw money worldwide free of charge. Your existing checking account can be easily linked to the credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay are also compatible. There is also a cashback program and you can secure up to 5 percent cashback from travel partners.

Conclusion: We can unreservedly recommend the Hanseatic credit card. Especially since this card does not incur any fees for withdrawing cash or paying in foreign currency and it is always free.

Germany credit card

the Visa credit card “Germany credit card” is also published by the Hanseatic Bank and is also permanently free. With this credit card, it is also possible to withdraw money worldwide free of charge. A new checking account is not necessary, the credit card can be linked to an existing checking account. Google Pay and Apple Pay are also compatible. There is also a cashback program and it is similar to that of the Genial Card.

Conclusion: We can also unreservedly recommend the Germany credit card from Hanseatic Bank. Since there are no fees for withdrawing cash or paying in foreign currency with this card either, and it is always free.

Amex Blue American Express credit card

For the AmexBlue You never pay an annual fee with your credit card. In addition, you do not need to open an extra account and simply connect the credit card account to your existing checking account. The credit card is closed Apple Pay compatible. American Express also promises access to special deals, exclusive events and tickets. However, the disadvantages cannot be neglected. You pay very high fees if you want to withdraw cash. Both in Germany and abroad you have to pay 4 percent or at least 5 euros. The foreign currency fee is also 2 percent and if you want to take part in the Membership Rewards program, it costs an additional 30 euros a year. Another disadvantage: the acceptance of Amex credit cards in Germany is not as high as that of Visa and Mastercard.

Conclusion: If you’re just looking for a credit card that you can use for contactless payments in the EU, it’s worth it AmexBlue, because you through that 45 euros starting credit makes a small profit. The bottom line is that other credit cards are more advisable, mainly because of the low level of acceptance of American Express.

DKB Visa credit card

Also at the Visa credit card from the DKB the basic fee is permanently waived. Withdrawing money worldwide free of charge and paying in foreign currencies without additional costs is also possible here. Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported as well as convenient online banking and a cashback program with attractive partners such as Lufthansa and is also included. The biggest disadvantage in our eyes, however, is that you can only apply for the DKB credit card in combination with a current account from the DKB and certain conditions, such as the omission of fees when paying in foreign currency, only remain in place if a monthly salary is received.

Conclusion: Anyone who is looking for a new bank anyway and would like to open a new current account is in good hands with the DKB. The credit card itself is completely free of charge.


In the Visa credit card from Klarna there are also no annual or foreign currency fees. You can link your own checking account to the card, have the option Apple Pay and Google Pay to use. The free Klarna app is also very clear. A negative point is that cash withdrawal is not possible, the Klarna credit card is one pure payment card.

Conclusion: If you don’t have to withdraw cash with her and only use your credit card for cashless payments anyway, the Klarna credit card is a good option.

Consors Finanz Mastercard credit card

the Mastercard from Consors Finanz is also complete free of charge and there are no annual or foreign currency fees. Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported. If you choose to pay in installments with partners such as, you will conclude a contract with Consors Bank and will also receive the Mastercard. Negative point: Free cash withdrawals are only possible from 300 euros, including a fee of 3.95 euros on.

Until November 30th you can get a starting credit of 75 euros to back up! The prerequisite for this is that you achieve three transactions and a minimum turnover of 250 euros in the first 3 months after receiving the card.

Conclusion: The credit card itself can easily be accepted for a planned installment payment, as is usual with NBB. Ideally, if zero percent financing is offered, because the card itself is completely free. However, we would advise against using them elsewhere due to the immediate debit interest. After paying off the installments, the card can be easily canceled.

The best free credit cards are from Visa

Especially the three credit cards Barclay’s Visa, Brilliant card and the Germany credit card We can unreservedly recommend Hanseatic Bank. These are particularly suitable for people who travel frequently in other EU countries and have to pay and withdraw money in a foreign currency, since there are no costs associated with any of the services.