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The WhatsApp backup is going to change forever: we will be able to export and import it without going through the cloud

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WhatsApp is already preparing the ground to take a big step in the way it operates with our chats. Or rather, in the way it is going to let us handle their backup copies. Because although now we can save backup copies locally, these copies are “fake”. WhatsApp uses them, yes, but we can’t do anything with them. The real ones go through the cloud, and that is about to change.

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For a long time we have been seeing changes when it comes to handling this type of thing that paved the way for backup copies. Like the possibility of exporting and importing our backup in Google Drive. Now, WhatsApp is preparing so that we can do without the cloud if we want. We can do everything locally if that’s what we feel like.

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Soon we will have backup copies that will not be for internal use

Information on future changes lands again at the hand of WABetaInfo, a real mine when it comes to browsing the code of the alpha and beta versions of the application. That is where we are shown that WhatsApp local backup is going to change soon, and it will change forever. No more copies for internal use, now we can do things with them.

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Specifically, WhatsApp will allow us that we take our WhatsApp backup from one mobile to another. Even if we take it out of the phone to file it on another device, such as a computer or an external hard drive. We can take it to any storage space we want, and we can import it again in the future if we wish.

With this future option, multiple possibilities open up. Among them, that of save a regular copy of WhatsApp and clean the chats so that they do not occupy gigabytes and gigabytes of our internal storage. Maybe a copy every month, or every year, to relieve weight. And we can always go to the copy of the moment we want to recover any type of information.

Not only that, but WhatsApp will allow us to save our data even if we don’t have an available Internet connection. It will be enough to store the copy on our phone to later send it elsewhere. We still do not know if this copy will be multiplatform and it will allow us to move it from iOS to Android (and vice versa) at will, but without a doubt we like this option of functional local backups a lot.

Via | WABetaInfo

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