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Vivo Is Working On X90 Series And Presenting Foldable Phone On September 26

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Not entirely unexpectedly, the first rumors about the Vivo X90 series trickle in. The Chinese manufacturer also announces that it will come with the improved Vivo X Fold Plus on September 26.

‘First Vivo X90 Pro specifications known’

According to various sources, Vivo is working on the X90 series, which consists of several smartphones. One of these is the Vivo X90 Pro, which is powered by the not yet officially presented Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This processor will be announced in November and we will see high-end devices from all kinds of brands including OnePlus, Xiaomi and Motorola.

The phone is rumored to have a larger battery than the current X80 Pro. It has a 4700 mAh battery. Charging the new device is done with a maximum of 100 Watt; slightly faster than the 80 Watts of the X80 Pro.

Vivo X80 Pro

The main camera gets a 1-inch sensor, something we also saw with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. It is unknown whether it is an identical camera. There would also be a camera with periscopic zoom, which makes optical zooming possible a few times. No quality is lost, which is what happens with digital zoom.

Vivo X90 Pro Plus features the latest technology

Work is also underway on a Plus variant, equipped with the latest technology. A well-known good mentions that we see, among other things, an AMOLED display from Samsung. The phone also gets LPDDR5x RAM and UFS 4.0 storage memory, which is the latest of the latest.

In addition to a 1-inch sensor, up to five times optical zoom could be used. For this, there is a telephoto lens of 64 megapixels. This would enable better pictures to be taken than the current Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, also thanks to new algorithms for the software. This smartphone is known for its good zoom function, which allows you to get objects up to ten times closer.

September 26: presentation Vivo X Fold Plus

Finally, via a teaser, the company announces that it will come with the Vivo X Fold Plus on September 26. That’s an updated version of a foldable, the Fold X. In terms of specifications, we expect the slightly more powerful Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip. The battery with a capacity of 4730 mAh will also be slightly larger than the current model (4400 mAh). Finally, the charging speed has been increased from 50 to 80 Watts.

There is no tinkering with other specifications. There are again six cameras, two colorful and flexible AMOLED screens and a hinge that can be folded completely flat. For example, there is no crack where sand or dust can settle, as with the Galaxy Fold 4.

Curious about how a Vivo smartphone works in practice? We have extensively overhauled the current flagship. You can read all about it in the Vivo X80 Pro review – and you can read the conclusion of the review below.

With the X80 Pro, Vivo presents a fine business card. The hardware is fast and well cooled, the cameras are among the best you can currently get and charging is nice and smooth. Apart from the viewing angles, the screen is also a pleasure to work with. The fingerprint scanner is even in a class of its own.

We have encountered irritations, but they are actually relatively small. The camera island does not deserve a beauty prize and you do not want to encounter bad translations on a device of almost 1100 euros. Are you willing to condone that childhood illness and have a well-filled wallet? Then you buy a nice smartphone with the Vivo X80 Pro. Still, the comparably priced Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is slightly more complete in our opinion due to the nicer design and the better software.


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