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Vodafone insurance is no longer exclusive to mobile phones: Vodafone Care reaches tablets and watches

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If until now Vodafone allowed mobile phones to be insured against most incidents, the operator decides to extend the range of devices to tablets and smart watches. In this way, the devices can be enjoyed more knowing that they will be protected if something happens to them. Although yes, Vodafone Care is only suitable for mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches that support SIM.

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Are you one of those who suffers from dropping your mobile to the ground and seeing the screen cracked? Or something worse: that your phone disappears due to a robbery. All of these risks pose serious headaches; hence insurance is not a bad option if the devices are expensive. Because yes, not only phones are fragile, also tablets and smartwatches tend to suffer all kinds of incidents.

Two types of insurance and for devices with SIM

Until now, Vodafone Care only admitted mobile phones as eligible for insurance. With an entry into force that was located in March 2020, The operator confirms that it already has more than 140,000 customers insured. And with the extension of the devices to be secured, that number will surely grow.

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With Vodafone Care you can insure mobile phones, tablets and smart watches, although they must comply with a premise: they need to have a SIM card (either physical or eSIM) because they require a connection to Vodafone. The insurance is included in the Vodafone Flex platform, its exclusive services program.

Depending on the chosen insurance, Vodafone Care protects against the following incidents in the three device groups mentioned: smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

  • Accidental damage (2.50 euros per month). With this modality, Vodafone Care repairs the device in case of breakage, liquid damage, and accidental damage. The spare parts will always be original and the phone will be taken to the manufacturer’s official service.
  • Total protection (4 euros per month). Apart from the damages covered in the previous mode, Vodafone Care adds protection against theft and cartelism in the superior mode.

You can contract Vodafone Care through the operator’s page. Currently, the insurance offers a two-month free trial (later it is billed based on the chosen coverage).

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