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WhatsApp already tests surveys in its beta: this is how they work

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WhatsApp has been working on a native survey function for some time, from the application itself. The function seems to be practically ready because, according to WaBetaInfo, Some WhatsApp beta users can now create group polls.

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whatsapp surveys allow us to consult with the rest of the members of our group -or community- in a more organized way than with a lot of messages. A survey can have up to 12 options available.

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Surveys on WhatsApp

Meat or fish? If you’re talking to your cousin on WhatsApp, you ask him and that’s it, but if you’re in a group of 200 people, things get complicated. WhatsApp’s solution is the same as it has been for many years, even though the app has ignored it until now: the polls.

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WhatsApp has been preparing the survey functionality for groups for a few months now, and now it seems to be ready because, according to WaBetaInfo, it has begun to be activated timidly among some of the users of the beta of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. The deployment still seems quite limited.

Surveys on Android. Image from WaBetaInfo

With or without the feature active, we now know exactly how WhatsApp polls work. To begin with, we can add a poll to a group from the attach menu, clip icon. Surveys is the seventh button, with a vertical bar graph icon.

When creating a survey you must choose a question and add the possible answers. The question can be up to 255 characters long, while each answer is limited to 100 characters. Writing on each box +Add you add a new answer, up to the maximum number of twelve answers. It is possible to reorder them by clicking, dragging from ☰.

Surveys on iOS. Image from WaBetaInfo

After sending the survey to the channel, the rest of the participants will see it as a block where can vote for an option (multiple selections are not allowed) from the chat itself. In this block you can see the number of votes each option receives, who has voted for what and a graph with the results.

In short, it is a function of simple surveys that very soon should be available to all WhatsApp users. It will be quite useful in the communities, which are also currently being rolled out to users.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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