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WhatsApp: How to change the settings for group chats?

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WhatsApp: How to change the settings for group chats?
WhatsApp: How to change the settings for group chats? | Font: unsplash
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The application WhatsApp one of the most used today, has many curiosities and peculiarities to be able to enjoy and learn about, the application has gone from being a simple messaging tool to a communications giant that helps establish different communication channels.

It is widely used by companies and individuals due to its functions, you can call, make videos, send files, share contacts and create group chats, where you can talk with contacts.

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In group chats, by default, any of the group participants can send messages and change the group information, including the subject, icon, and description. However, the admin can change the group’s settings to allow only admins to edit group information or send messages. And here we show you how you can do it.

Change settings in group messaging

Users can change general settings, such as who sends messages to the group chat, there is also the option to edit group information.

  1. Open group chat WhatsApp then touch the subject of the group.
  • You can also press and hold the group name from the tab, then tap the more options icon > Group info.
  1. Touch Group settings > Send messages.
  2. Here you can select who can send messages: all participants or only administrator.
  3. Touch OK and the change will be made automatically.
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Note: It should be taken into account that in order to be able to communicate with the group administrators, you can select who you want to talk to and write to via private messaging.

How to edit general group settings?

You also have the option to change or edit the group chat settings so that only the admin can edit it or all participants.

  1. Touch Group settings > Edit info. of the group.
  2. Choose whether All participants or Administrators only.

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