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WhatsApp is testing the option to create a chat with yourself

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WhatsApp has highlighted the chat that users open to send messages to themselves, a novelty that is already being tested in the beta and includes one’s own phone number in the list of contacts.

WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to send text messages, multimedia files or make voice and video calls with other contacts, whether in conversations with two people or with a larger audience.

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It is also a tool that some users have used as a notebook, in a chat with oneself, that is, the user sends messages to their phone number. This use, which is not new, will become relevant in future updates.

Talking to yourself will be easier

The technology company has highlighted this chat, both on Android and iOS, where the respective beta versions already show ‘Message yourself’ or ‘Send messages to this same number’, below the contact name, which in this case is the user’s and in parentheses the pronoun you, as collected by the WABetainfo portal as a result of what was seen in the beta for Android

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This novelty does not really change anything in the way the chat with oneself works, but WABetainfo reports an improvement in the synchronization of the messages that are sent in these conversations when there are more devices linked to the account, and the incorporation of the phone number of the user to the contact list.

This is what the new features look like to talk to yourself in the app. 

Traditional forms

To date, users had two options to create their own conversation on WhatsApp.

One of them was to apply a trick to add you as a contact through a link from WhatsApp Webb.

The other more conventional method was to create a group with friends and then delete them and be left alone, allowing you to write messages and files in this space. (With information from Europe Press)

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