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WhatsApp revolutionizes your calls: share invitations with a link, this is how it works

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An important novelty is landing on WhatsApp: with links to any calls and video calls a meeting can be arranged in advance by distributing invitations to the participants. Its function is very similar to what platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom offer.

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Entering a WhatsApp call or video call is easy if someone adds you directly from the communication, although now there is an even simpler way: share the link. In this way you can prepare a meeting without having to initiate the call. And the others will enter as the time comes: one click on the link and that’s it. Super practical.

Share the link and prepare the future call

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Until now, to create a WhatsApp call or video call it was essential invite all the participants one by one just as the communication is taking place. Therefore, you could prepare the ground, but not make sure that everyone would show up when the time came: if you forgot to invite someone during the call, goodbye.

With the new WhatsApp links you have the option to anticipate calls and video calls, since everyone will have their invitation to prepare in time for the date. As with Google Meet, it is enough for someone to have the link so that they can sign up at the scheduled time. Save time and simplify meetings.

The link function allows plan calls and video calls of up to 32 people in advance. Once they are active in your app, you can compose your own meetings by selecting whether they will be video or audio or just audio. WhatsApp will create a link to said communication to enable entry to all the people who receive it.

You can share the link to the call or video call through WhatsApp itself, from other applications or choose to copy the link and paste it wherever you want. Although you must be careful: since the link opens the door to the call, anyone who receives it can join your meeting. Never share your links publicly, only to those you want to talk to.

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WhatsApp has begun to expand these links to calls, the option will gradually reach all applications. We have been able to create the links, although still not working properly when joining calls. According to WhatsApp, its expansion begins in the next few days.

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