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WhatsApp: the function to chat with oneself incorporates direct access

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WhatsApp the instant messaging application owned by Goal, is already working on one of the most anticipated features by users: the ability to send messages to oneself on the platform. With the addition of this option, people will no longer need to create a group chat in which only they participate to use it as a reminder agenda, but will have a space dedicated exclusively to this.

This is an option that users of the app have been waiting for quite some time and that will finally be added to the features of the platform soon. Although in itself this is already a resounding success on the part of WhatsApp a new report confirms that the application development team is also working on improvements that will implement the function and they have already been revealed in their test version.

WhatsApp’s own chat receives improvements

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As shown by the portal WABetaInfo version update Beta of WhatsApp for Android added an enhancement to the self-chat feature on the platform and certain users of this edition can now use it. Although the report was made with Google’s mobile operating system in mind, the truth is that it also applies to people who use iPhone.

What does the improvement consist of? Well, basically WhatsApp has made it easy to open personal chat with our own phone number. The user will only need to open his contact list and here he will be able to find his own space under the name “Me (You)”. After this, you will only need to press this option as if it were any contact and you will be ready to use said conversation as an agenda or for whatever you wanted.

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The portal previously detailed that the chat itself and the messages that users send to themselves can also be found on all linked devices where their account. WhatsApp is open, including version Web and the desktop app.

This way you will be able to open WhatsApp’s own chat when it is launched in the conventional client of the app. | 

When will WhatsApp’s own chat arrive?

As usual, this function is currently being tested in the version Beta of WhatsApp therefore, it is not available to all users and even less so to those of the conventional edition of the application. However, since it is already present in this alternative, it is very likely that it will not take long to reach the rest of the people who use the application.

At the moment, the chat of WhatsApp it is only available for some version users Beta both in Android like in iOS and the development team is expected to provide more news about its inevitable arrival on the mainstream client in the coming days.

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