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WhatsApp: these are the reasons why they can block your account

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WhatsApp can block you if you commit multiple violations. | Font: PTR
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Although WhatsApp has gained enormous popularity over the years, but very few people know that their account can be blocked up if they violate the terms of service.

There are several reasons why your account may be suspendedbut in all cases, WhatsApp first give a warning before blocking an account permanently.

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If it is detected that you are committing a fault, you will see this message when you open the application: “Your phone number is not authorized to use our service. Please contact support for help.” If it is a temporary block, a counter will appear indicating when you will be able to use the service again.

“WhatsApp mods” are widely used by users, but they risk their privacy. | Font: unsplash

Temporary blocks

WhatsApp can temporarily ban your account if you are using an unauthorized version of the app. They are also known as “whatsapp mods” and most are on Android, they often offer new options, but your privacy is at risk. These “mods” edit WhatsApp by injecting a different code, which can be dangerous for the privacy.

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You can also be temporarily banned from WhatsApp if you create too many groups with people you don’t have on your phone or if you send too many messages to numbers you don’t know.

In addition, WhatsApp may temporarily block your account if too many people block you in a certain period of time and if it persists, you may be permanently locked.

WhatsApp has been blocking more than 2 million accounts per month. | Font: unsplash

permanent blocks

WhatsApp prohibits accounts that perform mass or automated actions. The app blocks more than 2.5 million of accounts per month due to this lack.

If your number is associated with suspicious actions and several people report you, WhatsApp can block you permanently.

The only way to recover from a permanently blocked account is to contact the company through WhatsApp support on its website or by contacting the email [email protected], where you will have to explain the reason for the unblocking.


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