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WhatsApp will implement the “do not disturb” mode to silence calls and messages

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WhatsApp prepares a new feature that will mute notifications for calls and messages from a user’s contacts natively in your app. In this way, the person will be able to avoid any type of distraction in case they need to be focused and if someone tries to contact the user, they will not generate an alert on the recipient’s cell phone.

This new option was revealed thanks to the version Beta of the application in both iOS like in Android and was reported by the portal WABetaInfo. In this way, both the mobile version and the desktop version through the official program and whatsapp web they will have a mode that will block notifications for calls and messages, something that was missing natively.

WhatsApp and its “do not disturb” mode

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The instant messaging app owned by Goal already deployed this function using the program Beta of google play. Currently, the version that has this option is and according to what it describes WABetaInfo the developers are still working on compatibility with the api from “do not disturb” mode for missed calls.

This specific function was already integrated into the version Beta of WhatsApp for iOS for a few months and the application continued to develop a way to bring the support of the api for updating Android in this iteration it was not available.

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That is why with the arrival of the last update of the Beta of WhatsApp in Android, this feature was integrated but work is still ongoing on it. At the moment, there is no approximate date of its arrival to the conventional client of the application.

This is what the missed call label looks like by “do not disturb” mode in WhatsApp. | Font: WABetaInfo

How does WhatsApp’s “do not disturb” mode work?

As you can see in the screenshots shared by WABetaInfo, this feature adds a new label in the calls tab every time a contact attempt is missed with the setting enabled. Also, this information is never shared with the issuer.

Because compatibility with the api of the “do not disturb” mode is still under development, there is no defined release window for both the version of WhatsApp in iOS as for the Android.

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