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‘WhatsApp will soon let you transfer conversations even more easily’

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WhatsApp is working on the option ‘WhatsApp chats transfer’, with which you can easily and quickly transfer all your conversations to another smartphone. When the feature will roll out to the general public is still the question.

‘WhatsApp chats transfer’ is coming

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You bought a new smartphone and logically want to transfer all WhatsApp conversations. Currently this can be done in different ways, but it can be even easier. With the function ‘WhatsApp chats transfer’ it becomes possible to transfer conversations to a new phone faster, writes WABetaInfo. Instead of transferring a local backup or one via Google Drive, this can simply be done by placing two devices next to each other and synchronizing them.

WhatsApp chats transfer

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However, details on this are scarce. What standard it works with, for example bluetooth, nearby sharing or wifi is still unknown. There is also the question of whether it only concerns the conversations themselves or also all media. Many users also keep all photos and videos, which means that a backup can easily run into tens of GBs.

Additional option or instead of?

Whether this transfer option will become available as an additional option or instead of the current options is also unclear. Perhaps WhatsApp wants to move away from the option to store everything in Google Drive. There have been rumors for a year that Google wants to limit this, because it costs them too much virtual storage space.

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By default, every Google user gets 15GB of storage with the service, but current WhatsApp backups don’t eat anything from that. This may change in the future, or there may be a paid feature for Google Drive.

More about WhatsApp

The chat app is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and gets new features regularly. You can now create polls, send yourself messages or use WhatsApp on a tablet or computer. Calling has also been possible for ages, just like holding a video call. Soon you will even be able to do this safely on the road in combination with Android Auto.

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