Windows 11 is now running on millions of PCs and there are updates quite often too. But that will change now, because according to the latest information, Microsoft is completely overturning its update plans. Some of you should be very happy about this, because Windows 12 would come a little later.

Windows: Major updates much less often

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Microsoft is constantly working on new Windows versions. Windows 11 has now been distributed and runs on many PCs. Microsoft actually wants to release a major update for Windows twice a year and thus introduce new functions again and again. An update planned for 2023 has now probably been cancelled. The next major update will not be available until 2024 – So three years after the start of Windows 11. And that’s exactly what the new mode should be for major updates (source: WindowsCentral).

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get feature updates in between. Microsoft wants to continue to deliver them, so you new features and minor changes in Windows 11. It’s also partly about the design of apps, the taskbar and so on. But these are rather minor updates that can be imported on the side.

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In order to be able to implement all this, Microsoft recently created the basis for the operating system to be more customizable, even if no major update for Windows 11 is rolled out. All in all the operating system became more modulargiving Microsoft more freedom.

So is Windows 12 coming in 2024?

It is currently unclear whether Microsoft will allow the Windows version to increase every three years. If smaller updates get new functions in between, Microsoft would have to think of something special for 2024. A new name would of course help to make the new operating system better known. However, as with Windows 11, it could ensure that people do not want to switch at all. So all of this has advantages and disadvantages.