Microsoft has launched the Xbox Game Pass app on Samsung TVs. So you can now access the large games library on your TV and play over 100 games – without having to use a console.

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Microsoft is bringing the Game Pass offer to new end devices: Samsung’s 2022 smart TVs now have an app with which you can access Xbox cloud gaming technology can. With a Game Pass subscription, you have the opportunity to play over 100 games on your Samsung television without having to connect an Xbox to the device.

Xbox Game Pass: Now available on Samsung’s smart TVs

You can now access the Xbox app on your smart TV via Samsung’s gaming hub and thus Over 100 games on your TV as Game Pass members gamble via stream. So you don’t have to connect a console or any other device to your TV – you don’t even have to have an Xbox console.

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Check out the trailer for the new Xbox feature here:

In addition, you can choose which controller you want to use for streaming – the app recognizes Xbox gamepads as well as controllers from PlayStation and other manufacturers. Games available for streaming at launch of the TV app include Halo: Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Sea of ​​Thieves, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and many more.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | 3 months | Xbox download code
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | 3 months | Xbox download code
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The price may be higher now. Price from 04/07/2022 21:50

Samsung’s gaming hub gets Xbox, Stadia and GeForce Now apps

If you own a 2022 Samsung Smart TV, you can now watch it alongside the Xbox streaming app also the corresponding apps from Google Stadia and GeForce Now Find. Amazon Luna will also be added at a later date.

It is currently not known whether the apps will also be added to older Samsung televisions later. The question also arises as to whether other popular TV manufacturers such as LG and Sony will also receive the Xbox app in the future.

In our photo gallery we show you 9 insider tips from the Xbox Game Pass that you should definitely play:

Xbox Game Pass: 9 insider tips that you should definitely play