If you want to buy a cheap Android cell phone, you usually go for Xiaomi or Samsung. In the future, the decision will probably be a bit more difficult, because Honor is coming back stronger and with the Honor X6 has announced a smartphone that can be seen as a great value for money.

Honor X6: Affordable Android phone with a large battery

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After Honor successfully separated from Huawei and is therefore no longer affected by US sanctions, the company is bringing more and more Android phones onto the market. Initially in the high-end sector, but now increasingly in the entry-level and mid-range. The X series is located in the lower price segment and now has a further expansion level down with the Honor X6. The mobile phone could cost around 150 euros in Europe and offers some technical highlights:

The Honor X6 costs little and is well equipped. (Image source: Honor)
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The Honor X6 has now been officially announced in Malaysia. With its special back, it looks like a much more expensive smartphone. There it costs the equivalent of only around 130 euros, but in Germany you should ask for a little more. On the front, it fits many Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones. A small notch is used for the front camera. The fingerprint sensor is on the side. It is a huge 5,000 mAh battery installed and the 50 MP camera should ensure solid image quality. So all in all a really promising Android phone.

Is the Honor X6 coming to Germany?

In Germany, Honor already offers two affordable Android smartphones, the Honor X7 for 179 euros and up and the Honor X8 for 209 euros and up. With the Honor X6 priced at around 150 euros, the company would position itself well against Samsung and Xiaomi in the price range. So far, the smartphone has been announced in Malaysia. Since the other models are also sold in Germany, the chances are not that bad that the cell phone will find its way to us.