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ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G: Is this phone worth going for?

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ZTE does not want to waste time and seeks to continue fighting in all ranges of mobile telephony in our country. On this occasion, we have ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G an affordable proposal with which the company wants to promote the 5G in the cities.

This team, a fork of the already famous ZTE Blade V40 Smart, the brand presents us with improvements in the specifications and new details in the design with the promise of convincing users to opt for the model. Will it be up to it?

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ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G specifications

System: Android 11 with MyOS 11

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Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G

RAM: 4GB + 2GB extended RAM

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Screen: 6.5”

Resolution: 1600*720

Weight: 182 grams

4000mAh battery

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
The ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G in our hands.

Team design

He ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G It is, to my taste, a compact and nice phone.

It maintains a rugged rear panel that will hardly slip out of your hand (it has a transparent cover included in the box) and that, in our case, is ruled by an almost pastel light blue (I accept: it reminds me of the Sporting Cristal and possibly my opinion not be biased in a good way).

Its camera module is located at the top right, with the three lenses forming a column within a black and silver highlight. It does not take up much height, so it will not unbalance the equipment if you put it on its back.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
The team’s rear camera module.

Let’s go to the screen. This is a 6.5” IPS LCD, a standard size and not at all outrageous. It has semi-curvilinear edges and a drop-shaped notch for the front camera.

The sides are configured as follows: at the top, the microphone; on the right, the volume +/- buttons, in addition to the lock button that also works as a fingerprint sensor; on the left, the slot for SIM and microSD cards; at the bottom, the only speakers of the equipment, a USB-C port, the reset button and a 3.5mm Jack port.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
Overview of the equipment.
ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
The rear module does not protrude.
ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
The equipment is not light in all its letters, but it is comfortable to the touch.

I include in this section the good response time for the fingerprint sensor and facial recognition.

In matters of style, it is a team that does not seek to be pretentious and does so without ever touching total simplicity.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
The 5G logo and symbol to remember it.


With the experience in our hands and pockets, the ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G It has managed to surprise me in points that I did not expect, but it does have deficiencies that must be evaluated by the user.

Let’s start with his power and brains. With the prejudice of the chips UnisocI was expecting a phone that was certainly slow and not aggressive in multitasking, but the team comes up with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 that does the job with freshness.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
Synthetic results of the ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G chip.

For this, it is also supported by the 4GB of RAM that the team has and that can still be expanded with another 2GB borrowed from internal storage, which allows it to withstand certain overload and stress.

The use for calls, social networks, cameras and secondary apps remained relaxed, without stress points. Of course, it is always important not to cross the line and know that we are dealing with a lower mid-range.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
Extended RAM must be configured from the corresponding menu.

A point of reference that I always maintain are the video game. I usually rely on the most popular ones on the market, such as call of duty mobile and Pokemon Unite. With this equipment, we were able to play both with medium graphics (in the second example at high) and at 60 frames (varying with 59) per second. There was no lag or stoppages in the games, just a little warming up on the cell phone.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
No type of frame drop or stoppages in the games.

That being said, the next section is about 5G connectivity, one of the advantages that hopes to convince users. Not all of Lima has this network, but the operators have been deploying them in central areas, where they operate with solvency. With Claro, for example, San Isidro maintains this coverage, which is captured and used by my mobile. With the future in mind, having a chip that accepts this type of network means extending its years of use.

As to multimedia, we have one of the lowest points of the team. The IPS LCD screen does the job, but it doesn’t stand out above the competition. The colors are somewhat opaque, although the brightness does manage to be versatile between different usage scenarios.

The screen has a dynamic range of use, being able to change from 60 to 90 Hz according to preference.

The unique speakers on the bottom of the kit will also limit the grip position of the cell phone owner. The recommendation? Take advantage of the headphone port (not included) that maintains the terminal.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
The busiest side of the cell.

In autonomy, the 4000 mAh keep a regular work day in order, both with apps and with limited gaming hours. The problem does not lie in its useful time, but in its load. He ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G It maintains a standard 10W charger that fully energizes it in almost an hour and a half. A very long time that can cause discomfort in certain users accustomed to a fast pace of life. On the contrary, if you have a more leisurely time, it will not be a major inconvenience.

As to cameras, the team maintains a triple rear sensor of 48 MP + 2MP depth lens and 2MP macro lens. We do not have a wide angle and it is noticeable.

Interestingly, I didn’t have that much faith in the photographic side of the kit, but it has managed to get some great shots in my experience. The main lens has worked well, relying on natural and artificial light for better portraits.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
Photography with the main lens.
ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
In some images we need the ultra wide angle.

The portrait mode, yes, still has deficiencies, so possibly many times or it is very blurred or simply the bokeh consumes part of your body in the image.

The macro lens: great shots.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
I really liked the macro shot.
ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
More images of the macro.

The night mode, although slow to process, captures the lack of light in a good way and gets you out of trouble.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
Photography in night mode. It usually adds an aura of luminosity to the objects in the shot.

Something curious that did occur to me was the fact that the camera interface reduces the quality of the images. My first impression was ‘what low quality!’, but once the capture is taken, the original photograph maintains the details with which the shot should come out, removing that scare from me.

Example of the preview and the final result of the camera interface.
Example of the preview and the final result of the camera interface.

The 5MP selfie also maintains a decent performance. It is not outstanding, but, I repeat, it is not a limitation to get good content in general.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G
Night selfie with artificial light. 

Where we will suffer (and I mean it seriously) is in the section of videos. We do not have any type of stabilization, so it is very likely that your captures will be blurred. The use of light is not the best either and keep in mind that it will only record at 30 frames per second in both 720 and 1080p.

Not even in zero movement the image is completely static.
Not even in zero movement the image is completely static.

Anything to finish? The price. He ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G It comes precisely with Claro (which, before I forget, will not fail to take the opportunity to chant several apps from its service) at prices of 899 as an unlocked device. Is it a but? Yes. Fortunately, if you want to renew or be able to get it along with their postpaid services, you can get it for less, which I think would be the best opportunity to get it.

Is the ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G worth it?

He ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G It is a good entry model, worth the redundancy, 5G. It has clear deficiencies, with a screen that does not protrude, a section for videos that is not flashy and a very slow battery charge, but, on the balance, its balanced performance in multitasking, games, autonomy and frontal photos, in addition to, of course, support for 5G affordable cost, allow it to be a cell phone to look at this new trend.

It is not for cell phone perfectionists, but for those who value practicality more than details. For this reason, with a good offer that does not upset or misconfigure the monthly telephone plan, I would take it.

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